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Television spots

During the many years of our activity, we have obtained a large baggage of experience and acquired large numbers of contacts, both in radio, television and nationwide papers.
We cooperate with: Polsat, TVN, Regional Television, TVP1, TVP2, TVP Info and many other stations.
For creation and realization of our television spots we cooperate on a regular basis with several directors and scriptwriters. Last one of our creations was organization of advertising campaign for ŁOWICZ MILK (MLEKO ŁOWICKIE), with participation of Mr. Zbigniew Bródka – Polish medalist in speed-skating. Campaign covered both large format advertising throughout country and television advertising, broadcasted in most television stations.


Agencja Reklamowa INTER…TEST uzyskała Subwencję Finansową z tarczy 1.0 i 2.0.
Podmiotem udzielającym wsparcia był Polski Fundusz Rozwoju.