Sweets | Inter...Test


Advertising fudges
Our fudges are being made of highest quality of raw materials. Carmel flavor.
For one kilogram is approximately 72-75 candies.
Every candy is wrapped in a separate paper with any printout.
Advertising lollipops
We make lollipops in various shapes: circles, hearts, squares, 2D, 3D.
Lollipops may have various tastes and colors.
We adjust size of lollipop to Customers order from 5 cm to 20 cm.
Lollipops are being packed in foils with printout, in boxes of pyramid types with printout,
cardboards with printout, transparent sack with a sticker.



Agencja Reklamowa INTER…TEST uzyskała Subwencję Finansową z tarczy 1.0 i 2.0.
Podmiotem udzielającym wsparcia był Polski Fundusz Rozwoju.