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Social media

We have experience at professional creation of advertising on social media, it is fanpages, confirmed by increase of popularity of Customer's companies, increase of sale indicator, etc.
Currently social media are best advertising conduit. Due to a fact that social media portal exists based on community gathered around it and creates with them so called social media. Advertisement in social media give many interesting opportunities. Thanks to detailed profiles, fulfilled by the users, they can be divided into target groups and to choose suitable target for your advertisement. Advertisement can be delivered in many forms. Using a range of ways of communication between the users it could coordinate text advertising with banners and target them into appropriate groups and lists inside portals. Biggest advantage of advertisement in social media is a chance for user's engagement. Thanks to special lists and discussion groups it is possible to announce competitions with rewards. Chats, communicators and blogs can be used for whisper marketing.


Most popular social media in Poland are: Facebook, Twitter, Nasza Klasa, Instagram (mobile social media application).


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