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Reflective band
Dimension: 32x3 cm
Self clamping plaque laminated with prismatic reflective foil.
Underneath covered with black color velour material.
Reflective clover
Dimension: 7x7 cm
Soft pendant in a shape of the Clover.
Foam covered with reflective prismatic foil.
Chain allowing pendant attachment
, ie.: to the backpack, purse.
Reflective vest
Vest for adults, from high quality breathable material, finished with black trimming.
Two reflective strips. Color of the vest is yellow.
We have children vest in our offer.
Reflective neck straps
Reflective neck strap - for any jacquard neck strap, reflective material is being sewn. Any logotype can be printed on the material. Neck strap can be finished with snap hook, phone thread, and also may have a connector.
Reflective pendant, with pulsating light.
Hard reflector with reflective prism and pulsating light. Equipped with LED diode, works in 3 modes. Dimension: diameter of prismatic wheel 5,5 cm x 12 cm (height with mounting), mounting on a latch. Different colors.
Reflective button
Reflective button - it is very interesting gadget made of
highest quality of reflective materials with individual advertising printout
(very important - it IS NOT reflective paint but reflective FOIL.
There are two types: on a reflective microprysm foil
Soft reflective pendants
All reflectors have from 5 to 10 centimeters and contains ball chain, which allows attaching them to ie. the backpack or a bike. Reflectors in various shapes; bears, cars, flowers, animals, etc.
Hard reflective pendants
Colorful, fun, clearly visible - ideal as a reflective decoration for schoolbag, travel bag or key pendant. All reflective buttons have ball chain, rope or snap hook, which allows easy mounting to various items. Offered items are made of highest quality of materials with due diligence for every detail. Reflectors are available in various patterns, colors and sizes. Ie. bears, wheels, hearts, squares, etc.



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