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Promotional Lotteries

We provide consulting services for games of chance according to Polish and EU legal regulations: The Act from 19 of November 2009 On games of chance (Journal of Laws No. 201 position 1540). Thanks to many years of experience, we will aid to professionally organize and execute every lottery, ie.:

  • promotional lotteries (www, traditional channels),
  • ticket lotteries,
  • scratch card lotteries.

Our services include, among other things:

  • oversight over lotteries, based on Vocational Certificate issued by the Finance Minister,
  • obtaining of permissions from Customs Chamber throughout country,
  • aid in obtaining bank warranty for payment of rewards,
  • creations of terms and conditions, protocols and reports from conducted lotteries,
  • consulting regards to gambling under The Act on games of chance from 19 of November 2009,
  • creation of adverting materials,
  • production and shipment of POS,
  • providing texting platform and receiving, evidencing and reporting of incidents,
  • choosing, offering, purchase, storage, picking, packaging, addressing and shipment of rewards with evidencing of acknowledgement of receipt for rewards,
  • issuing of non standard rewards,
  • providing of dedicated help-line and diligent communication with lottery participants,
  • reporting of outcomes and conduct of lottery,
  • conduct live draws,
  • reporting executed marketing activities and diligent analyze of Customer's need, both at the beginning of promotional process and after its ending.
We invite you to cooperation. We will help you to choose appropriate form of lottery and will take care of swift and effective execution.


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