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Printing house

In our machine park we posses following machines for offset printing, which is one of the most popular methods used in most of our works:
  • for one color printing (Romayor - is an offset machine for one color printing, simple construction. It has many advantages effecting quality of print and printer's work. Machine allows printing of one and multiplied colors on a different kinds of paper to a max. size of the sheet 360 x 500 mm),
  • for two colors printing (Dominanta - is an offset machine for two colors printing. Machine allows printing two colors on a different kinds of paper to a max. size of the sheet 381 x 520 mm,
  • for five colors printing (Rapida - five colors offset printing machine with varnishing tower. By using this printing machine it is possible to make multicolored offset prints by sheeting method up to B2 format with in-line refinement. Thanks to very high performance, reaching up to 18'000 sheets / hour, it is possible print very economical and unusually fast on various surfaces with thickness from 0,03 to 1,0 mm.

We also have a machine for rolling printing - rolling printing is a high capacity printing technology suitable to printing newspapers, advertising newspapers, promotional newspapers, high capacity of leaflets and high capacity of folders or advertising catalogues. The printing is done with so called "ribbon" which is a roll of paper, fixed on a machine. Rolling printing is also called rotational printing or heatset printing.
At realizations codunct on a regular basis, we make following prints:
  • letterhead,
  • envelopes,
  • advertising notebooks (A4, A5, A6, carbonless selfcoping blocks and others),
  • advertising leaflets (in various formats: Dl, A4 folding to 3, A5 and others),
  • Advertising folders (classic, gum fastener, Velcro fastener, etc.),
  • Advertising posters (print up to A0 format),
  • Business cards (without refinement and with refinement, straight and rounded edges),
  • Folders,
  • Papers,
  • Bulletins,
  • Stickers,
  • Albums,
  • Postcards, Holiday cards,
  • One-board, multi-boards, three fold, and bookish calendars; desk pads, pyramids, etc.


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