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Outdoor campaigns

Using various advertising media, we can pride oneself on a very good cooperation with many companies which have outdoor advertising media.
We offer more than 11 kinds of media – from classic billboards, through Premium boards, ends on digital constructions broadcasting image in television quality. Boards, which we rent have various sizes and various standards. Sizes we offer:
  • 10x30 m (300m2)
  • 24x8 m (192m2)
  • 18x6 m (108m2)
  • 12x4 m (48m2)
  • 12x3 m (36m2)
  • 6x3 m (18m2)
  • 3,56x2,46 m (8,7m2)
  • 5,04x2,38 m (12m2)

We have in offer boards, both standalone and mounted on buildings. Boards with lightning and without lightning. We will select everything according to Customer's expectations and founds.
Our realizations can be see on advertising media of companies such as: STROER, JETLINE, CITY SIGN, CITY SERVICE, GIGANTO.PL and others.
As an effect of many years of cooperation with those companies, we guarantee you much lower prices.



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