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We professionally realize advertising campaigns and consulting their creation. Starting with organizational elements, ending with conducting lottery or other promotion. Promotional campaign, in a short, is a planning of marketing activities and e-marketing, focused on particular product or target group, which ensures best recognition and at the same time generate demand for this thing. Nowadays, when access to media and Internet is common, only active and dynamic advertising campaigns build company's recognition and trust to selling products and offered services.

During planning of the advertising campaign we take under consideration:

  • determination of the target group, which means characteristics of potential Clients,
  • determination of promotion's targets; ie. is it our goal to increase brand's recognition or is it also increase of the sale of items of particular brand,
  • estimate of costs of the campaign - not every campaign has to be expensive,
  • determination of competitive offers,
  • choice of promotional channel ie. Internet (internet campaign, social media (campaign through fanpage)), press advertising, medias, others,
  • preparation and execution of promotional, advertising or marketing campaign,
  • measurement of promotion's outcomes, monitoring of promotion's effects - presentation which summary promotional activities,
Marketing campaigns are an element of realization of marketing strategies and usually apply to the whole company, they serve as branding. Promotional campaigns can refer to particular product or service, while advertising campaigns are set of activities to disperse advertising materials and are a step of realization in marketing or promotional strategy.
Comprehensive services, which we can offer you, allows to ensure consistency of campaign and of its elements, which guaranty 100% effectiveness of our and yours actions.



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