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Our dedicated graphic team, consist of both young and talented and specialized, creative and experienced Graphics as well. They deal with widely understood design. From the photo shooting of products, to placing it into composition and creation of whole advertisement. Our Graphics are open to Customers suggestions but also serve with the advice and knowledge of the materials.
Our creative team include:

Handles mostly website creation, design - DTP of albums, publication and papers. From his hand comes designs of posters, flyers, calendars and wide range of gifts. Marcin is characterized by full professionalism and wide knowledge of many domain.

Marcin Rząb
Czarek is young, creative and diligent Graphic.
He handles creation of large format graphics, cars, banners, posters, flyers, all sort of calendars, DTP of papers and publications and other materials desired by Customers. He will prepare for you most sophisticated project.
Cezary Paduch
Waldemar Kret
Janusz Pietrzak



Agencja Reklamowa INTER…TEST uzyskała Subwencję Finansową z tarczy 1.0 i 2.0.
Podmiotem udzielającym wsparcia był Polski Fundusz Rozwoju.