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Google ad words

Website's positioning is a complex process, which consists of many various factors, whom, in the end, influence on website's presence on first page of search results at
We are positioning both service companies for selected key words and e-commerce shops for several dozens of key words. In order to make a search result at Google accurate and leads directly to our Customer's site.

Why is it worth to choose advertisement in GOOGLE:

  • text advertising with product's description or services projected in Google search engine at right side and on the top of search results and in Google Advertising Partner Network.
  • instant effect, because right after beginning of advertising campaign, your products will reach directly to target group of potential Clients,
  • advertisement has very large range, because Google is most popular search engine,
  • precision targeting and your website will be reached only by the potential Clients, really interested in your offer,
  • advertising context is very precise, thanks to which websites are being displayed to recipients only on specific key words related to your products and services,
  • Rigorous geotargeting which means possibility of location's choice, where advertisement will be displayed which is: whole Poland, particular city, particular province,
  • You decide how much you want to spend on the advertisement; you pay only for effects, which means entrances of potential Clients on your website and not for displays of the advertisement.
  • You decide about during which days advertisement will be displayed,
  • You have access to complete measurement, efficiency and results of the campaign, to monitoring of all significant statistics, which are: click ratio, site's traffic, amount and costs of the conversion, sale or return on investment,
  • ability to swift optimization and modification of the advertisement for its duration, so it will be more effective,

We invite everyone to cooperation!
We guarantee professional consulting, indicate crucial elements, which necessary should be included on the site, we provide full service of the site (updates made within a few hours) and we advice how to extend, modernize the site, to achieve professional showcase of your company.


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