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We have wide offer of promotional products in sale. We have both popular gifts perfectly suitable for use in mass promotions and luxury items as well, which fulfill sophisticated demands of the Customers. Our advertising products are perfectly suitable for all kinds of prints. To be at the top, we visit twice a year, biggest advertising fairs in Asia, USA or Mediolan. We won't forget about fairs in Germany (Dusseldorf), Madrit or England. We visit as well fairs in Poland, which are: REMA DAYS or Gift Show in Warsaw. Beside wide choice of gifts we can offer you also marking of materials with following methods:

  • tampo printing,
  • laser engraving,
  • advertising embroidery,
  • screen printing,
  • thermal transfer,
  • pressing,
  • and others.

Most popular among advertising gifts are: stationery, ie.: fountain pens, pens, pencils, crayons for children, writing kits; reflective materials, ie.: pendants, hand bands, clothing pins, vests; textiles: t-shirts, polars, polo shirts, baseball caps, raincoats; conference materials: briefcases made from eco-leather, document pouch made from eco-leather, neck straps, ID cases, advertising sweets - fudges, fruit drops and also: umbrellas, traveling bags, backpacks, USB memories, power banks, blown balls, thermoses, thermal mugs and others materials, where there is no way to mention all of them. Between luxury products, a special attention deserve an exclusive advertising articles of LUGANO brand, which features high quality, elegance and usefulness. Gifts of LUGANO brand are made from 100 % Portuguese natural cork. At the present day we have in offer the following:

  • credit cards cases,
  • key pouch,
  • Moleskine notebook in cover made from cork,
  • multi tool in holder made from cork,
  • writing set in case made from cork.

We are still working at extension of our offer with further interesting and innovative gifts.
As an Advertising Agency we also deal with orders for exhibition systems. In our offer we have
  • roll ups (standard cases, teardrop type cases),
  • exhibition walls (straight and curved),
  • A board advertising,
  • boards,
  • promotional stands,
  • advertising and exhibition stands,
  • frames (boards) and snap on strips,
  • leaflets / flyers stands,
  • outdoor advertising,
  • plates, signs, advertising boards.
    We offer services regards to modern light advertising, ie.:
  • advertising sign made from dibond,
  • one-side and two-sides signs on an aluminum profile,
  • coffers of unusual shapes,
  • 3D lightning letters,
  • 3D lightning letters made from plexiglass,
  • advertising made from PVC boards,
  • advertising made from styrodur.


At this moment we encourage you to acknowledge following catalogues. We remind that as an Advertising Agency we have very big discounts in others companies, unavailable for final Customer.


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