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DTP that is a help with preparation of graphical project for printing.

DTP term stands for a preparation of documents to publishing in electronic (digital) form. This process begins with entering of text and image to the computer. Particular graphical elements are being individually processed and text is being corrected. Next, essential part of the process is taking place, this is an arranging of publication's pages, from all those elements of the project, including additional information for printer and bookbinder. At this stage of work, it is also possible to put information about an image of an entire imposition. Final action is saving a computer data to postscript file or (more and more often) PDF file.
It is important that DTP deals not only with image itself, but also with the shape of the ground, so this term concerns also designing ie. an unprinted packaging and other forms cutting from the paper, cardboard or shapes cutting from the self-sticking foil. We always help our Customer in the preparation of the project, to 100% fulfilled its requirements and expectations.


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