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"Cookies" policy

„Cookies” are text files, information data stored in user's devices, intended for the use on the websites. They allow, among other things, to determin the type of the device and to display websites adjusted to individual preferences. „Cookies” files contain mostly address of website, storage time on user's device and own unique identifier.
We use „Cookies” in a purpose of optimization of website's usage. They are in use also for a purpose of gathering statistical data, which allow to identify the way how user is using the website. It gives further opportunities for improvement of structure and content of the Website, with exception of personal identification of the user. Personal data, gathered with use of „cookies” files, can be gather only in a purpose of execution of certain functions and activities on user's behalf. Such data are encrypted, in a way to prevent accessing them by unauthorized persons.
We use session's "cookies" (temporary) and permanent. Session's "Cookies" are stored on user's device until logout form the website or turning off the browser. Permanent „Cookies" are stored through defined time, which is described by the parameter included in "cookies" files - user can delete them manually. "Cookies" used by the partners of the website's operator are subject to their own privacy policy.
Software used for browsing WWW sites allows, by default, to place "cookies" files on end-device. User can make proper configuration of the browser, to block automatic acceptance of "cookies" files or every time obtain the information about file sent on user's device. Appropriate information about operation on "cookies" files and possible configurations are available in browser's settings. Level of restrictions on usage of „cookies” files may affect the availability and functionality offered on web site, as far as blockage of proper usage possibility.


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