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Car wrapping

Car wrapping, since the beginning of the activity of our company we professionally deals with car wrapping. We make all kinds of projects. We wrapped already more than few hundreds of cars. In car wrapping we mostly use foil with graphic applied by solvent printing. Mostly used by us in such printing is the Oracala foil. In trouble spots we use cast foil, for better adjustment to car's structure. For big projects we us laminate, which fulfills a dual role. It protects both against mechanical damages and also against UV radiation (fading of pigments). On side and rear glasses we apply One Way Vision foil (it provides visibility from the inside). Foils used by us comes from tested and acclaimed producers. Our applications are characterized by long durability, estimated for years. Foils don't distort under influence of temperature and don't give up to car's wash brushes.

Our works are visible on a fleet of companies among other thins: SYSTEM SERWIS, SPA KAMPINOS, STRAŻAK, UPONOR, Chłodnie OSM Łowicz, VERONA, Triathlon Rawa, BioOdpady, Carglas, SAIN and many, many more.


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