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Advertising signs

Advertising signs – we realize all kinds of outdoor advertising of companies, thanks to which your activity is recognized and it is impossible to miss it. Advertising coffers, are characterized by perfect visibility and good price. They are visible both during a day and also at night, from very big distances. We mount LED lightning inside them, which is energy saving and also evenly spread.
We provide services in a range of production of.:

  • advertising coffers made from Dibond - modern material, layered plate made from aluminum – PVC-aluminum of high durability and endurance. Those coffers are mostly designed for demanding Customers, which value high quality of workmanship in even the smallest of details.
  • one side and double side coffers on aluminum profile - made of hard surface - they are characterized by plexi Glass front, which spread the light very good, giving better lighting effects,
  • coffers of unusual shapes,
  • 3D lightning letters made from plexiglass,
  • advertising made from PVC boards – color printout on foil is being glued to the board, which makes perfect advertisement. It can be mounted both inside buildings and on elevations as well.
  • letters made from styrodur – letters made from polyester foam (styrodur) are resistant on weather conditions and can be mounted both on outside and inside building walls.
  • Standalone boards – boards can be made from various materials, both on metal frame and aluminum as well. Employees of our company will offer you best solution for your advertisement.



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