Multi tool
Tool is made from metal, inserts from plastic,
packed in cork holder.
Tool has following functions:
pliers, claws, bottle opener with small screwdriver,
flat screwdriver, can opener, measuring tool,
saw, file, Phillips head screwdriver, flat screwdriver,
flat knife, jigsaw blade, awl, spike.
Pliers's dimensions after folding:
107 x 45 x 22 mm (length x width x height)
Holder: 100% natural cork.
Holder's dimensions after folding:
125 x 56 x 27 mm (length x width x height)
Fastened on a latch.
There is loop at the back.

Writing set
Pen: 14 cm length,
black color case,
color of refill: blue
Fountain pen: 13,5 cm length,
color – black
Case: material – 100% cork
case dimensions after closing - 15,5 x 5.2 x 2.2 cm

Key pouch made from cork
Key pouch, made from material simillar to cork.
Case is closing on a latch.
6 catches for keys inside, small zipper fastened pocket,
two partitions for cards.
Dimension of folded case: 11 x 7,5 cm
Dimension of unfolded case: 19 x 11 cm.

Credit cards set made from cork
Credit cards case.
Possibility of placing cards on both sides
of unfolded case.
Case holds 22 cards. Two pockets for papers,
bills and others.
Unfolded case: 21 x 17 cm
Folded case: 10 x 17 cm

Notebook - 62 blank pages, ecru paper 80 g/m2.
Rounded edges of cover and inside.
Cover's material: 100 % natural cork.
Fastening rubber, rubber for pen's mounting, brown color ribbon for page's marking.
Dimension: 10 x 15,5 cm

Bookish calendar 
in cover made from cork
block's format: 165 x 240 mm,
richly equipped information part
- weekly layout - 1 week on two pages
(whole week on a fold-out),
- chamois paper 80 g/m2,
- color 2+2 (black-red, Sundays and Holidays in red color)
- below calendar, on every fold-out, at left side is a shorten calendar
for current month, 3 previous months and 3 next months, current week
- phone and address notebook integrated with block
- at the end of the calendar: accident statement
volume: 128 pages
cover: 100 % natural cork,