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Our first calendar's offer have shown in year 2006. Currently we specialize in realization almost every possible and choose by you calendars. Thank to the own graphic studio, we adjust our productions to individual need and expectations of the Customers. Original project, interesting colors and solid performance of calendar is a perfect advertisement for every company,
We realize orders for following types of calendars:
  • Bookish calendars;
  • Three-fold calendars
  • one-fold calendars;
  • one-board calendars - posters;
  • multi-board calendars;
  • four-fold calendars;
  • desk top calendars, planers, desk pads, pyramids;
  • Card calendars;
  • And many, many more.
Our "pet projects" are:
Bookish calendars, are our favorite material for production.
It gives us great joy, possibility of adjustment of the project and addons to the calendar, in such a way that all ingredients make an integral whole of the work.
We make bookish calendars in weekly and daily layout and also weekly layout on one page and notes on a second page. We make calendars in various sizes, it is.: A4, A5, B5, A6, pocket, and also for individual Customers orders.

We cover our blocks in:
  • Individual veneer – veneer printed on a paper with usage of full colors of printing, covered with gloss foil, matt or soft touch. Veneer can be subjected to dry pressing or pressing with various colors of foil.
  • Cork veneer – veneer produced from high quality of Portuguese natural cork. Marking of this veneer, we make by dry pressing or pressing with foil (various colors), engraving,

Leather-like veneer:
thermal discolored; during hot pressing process material is being discolored, various colors and unusual patterns adds uniqueness and exceptionalism to the veneer. 
polyurethane; 100 % skin imitating material, perfect to gluing, sewing and dry pressing. Various colors and texture allows to choose material according to individual likes of Customer.
To calendar's production we propose our corporate block of calendar, created according to the pattern, made by our graphic designers. Our corporate block has interesting and well developed information section, in which Customer may find ie. newest wonders of the world, first aid, Polish Nobelists, pyramid of healthy eating, information about European Union, accident statement and others...

Our calendar:
At the beginning you will find page with personal data and also information and emergency telephones.
Calendar has weekly layout; 1 week on two sides (whole week on a centerfold), offset paper chamois color 80g/m2, on every centerfold at the left side there is a shorten calendar, for current month, 3 previous months and 3 following months, current week and proverb - a maxim. Total capacity of calendar's block: 128 pages. Color of the printing of the calendar 2+2 (elementary color - black, Sundays and Holidays are in red color).