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Press campaigns

Conducting press campaign for you, we can offer many interesting price discounts, which we have worked out as an advertising agency.
Cooperation with the biggest publishers allows us to plan and realize advertising campaigns in most popular papers. The prices, which we can offer, are significantly lower, than prices, which you would obtain, when buying advertisement on your own.
Depending on the advertised product, we will match appropriate titles, range and form of advertising.

We have at our disposal:
  • influential daily and local newspapers,
  • weekly newspapers
  • magazines
We will help to realize printing advertising campaign. We will find best places for publication of advertised content. We will prepare for you non standard projects in such a way, that images with appropriate contents create coherent advertisement, outstanding from the others. Press campaign can be a part of a bigger project, which will include other media, ie.: television or outdoor advertising medias. We will gladly take such challenges, because thanks to them we put in use or obtain new experiences.


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