Internet advertising is one of key elements of promotion. Every company or brand, to arise in Internet have to include e-marketing in its strategy. Very important element of the advertisement placed on websites of Internet is its low costs and lastingness. It means, that advertisement in Internet don't vanish after a few seconds as in a case of radio or television advertising or after a few days as in a case of advertisements published in a paper or a magazine. Internet gives us a possibility of promotion of company or product, 24 hours per day through 365 days a year.
We offer comprehensive service for advertising campaigns: planning, media purchase, broadcast, coordination and campaign monitoring and summary report.
Aid in choosing portals. We are guided by the following factors: Customer's field of operation, target group, which Customer want to reach, Customer's preferences.
Aid in choosing form of creation. We are choosing them mostly in terms of outcome, which Customer would like to achieve. You can choose from : banner / billboard, expand banner / billboard, skyscraper, pop-up, pop-under, brand-mark, top layer, interstitial, others.
We offer you effective Internet advertising strategies based on a solutions of a type: mailing, SEO, partner programs, virus marketing, dedicated tools - develop for particular www portal, banner systems, advertising systems, statistics of effectiveness of broadcasted advertisement. measuring of website's viewing and many more attractive solutions.


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