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FTP server allows file exchange between computers via Client - Server communication protocol. To use the server, there is no need for any additional software, just sign in using a window of Explorer in Windows system. There is an instruction shown below, which allows for quick login and file exchange.
Step 1
Open a window of Explorer and type in the FTP address, in our case it is:
After typing the address and confirm it with the Enter button, we will be transported to a public part of the server, which only allows us to download files. To be able to send files onto the server, we have to make another step.
Step 2
Click right mouse button on a window and select option "login as", where it will be possible to type in user name and password:
User name: drukarnia
Password: poligrafia
After log in, we have access to FTP server, on which we can send files using "copy" / "paste" option of Windows system or just by dragging a file on an open window.
After putting files on the server, we ask for an e-mail or telephone contact with information that files were copied on our server.


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