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Exhibition systems


We make exhibition systems from scratch. We make our self projects of advertisements, we print them on our machines and place on leading brands systems.We have in our offer:

  • Roll Ups – various widths (depending on Customers demands). We have standard cases and more luxury, so called „teardrops”. We print on highest quality roll up's fabric. We give warranty for printouts and systems.
  • Exhibition walls - we have walls in various sizes, curved or straight. Printed walls on PVC and also walls made from fabric - light and mobile system with easy assembly.
  • Promotional stalls – ideal for all kind of Events, product advertising at fairs. We help with choice of appropriate stand for particular corporate activity.
  • A-Boards – serves mainly as an advertising posters, for an easy and fast recognition. A-Boards are mainly place in front of shops, on streets, at the entrances to buildings.
  • Frames and snap on boards – in those types of systems are also being used printed posters, which are being placed inside the frame or board, which allows to mount advertisement on ie. a wall or at the door.
  • Flyers stand – we have various templates of such stands, from large, which we place on the floor inside building, to small which perfectly fits as desks, tables or counter tops.


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