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Advertising photography

We have own in-house photography studio. We employ, on a regular basis, qualified staff serving photography and graphical services. Our employees are young, ambitious and creative persons, which can pride oneself on many years of experience in the industry. Theirs additional advantage is higher education, completed with honors in a faculty of photography. We have professional photography equipment and have excellent lightning, which provides pictures of highest quality.


We offer following services:
  • PHOTO SESSION OF THE PRODUCT - we are very diligent during photo shooting, carring about the smallest of details. (photos of products for advertising).
  • IMAGE PORTRAIT - the image is a foundation of the success for every modern company. While making image sessions, we analyze your corporate needs, being inspired by your styling and individual features of you and your activity. We specialize in election's sessions of Candidates, advise, make up, edit
  • PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE PLACE – if you want to sale the real estate or to pride oneself on an investment, we offer photo session of the place (restaurants, hotels, halls, etc.) in a purpose of including it in your offer.
  • DRON PHOTOGRAPHY - "BIRD'S EYE" - photography of designated terrains, places, parks, heritage sites, fields, gardens, etc.
  • Photos of this kind you can place on your website, show your company from a different point of view or use it to create individual calendar for your company, postcard, etc.


*We don't make commemorative sessions (weeding, birthdays, communions, etc...)


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