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Three-fold calendars

Three-fold calendars – we have our own line of individual three-fold calendars, however to the Customer needs we can produce calendar in any other size than our corporate. Our standard calendar consist of following:
  • Four colored head, printed and folded to the format of cardboard (cardboard may be flat, convex or soften with foam).
  • Single colored backs (may be also printed in larger amounts of colors – according to Customers demand),
  • Standard calendar - 140x280 mm, two colors of printing (black and red; may be matched according to Customers liking). Calendar is printed on an offset paper 80 g/m2 in three separate sets begin with previous month, current month, following month,
  • Strip with a window to highlight of date (standard window is red color; there is an possibility of color's choosing by the Customer),
  • Standard size of our calendars is: 790x310 mm
Additional options, which we can offer to our three-fold calendars are:
  • Cardboard envelope for calendar (may be clear unprinted or marked with Customer's logo);
  • Clock on calendar's head,